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Found how to get new IP on Uverse... I think

So I think I found how we can get a true new IP on Uverse.

If I do a factory reset on my modem itself using the web GUI option, every time I get a new IP address... Normally your IP does not ever change with uverse.

Anyway just thought I would share that as a number of techs and people think you must get a new modem with uverse...

Anyone else care to check and see if holds true for them too?

I think this happens because it causes your device to re-register with the net.

IF you try to log on too soon after a default it will tell you that your not authorized and to call AT&T but than it will connect in a moment and boom, New IP!


Cleveland, OH
What! What! What! Why would you want a new IP??? Usually people pay to have a static IP. Sigh.... Each to his own, but thats for the 411, never know when needed!


I wanted a new one to see if it changed routing like the lvl2 techs keep thinking it would which it did not and I knew it wouldnt. (new IP from same vrad uses same gateway, thus no new route... sometimes I think if you go too technical on lvl2 they blow smoke to sound smarter, hah but they are better than lvl1 for sure.)

I also was given a blacklisted IP when I was given my last modem swap and they dont wana swap it again... So they did not know what else to do but make me use other methods to get around my problems... baah... But alas new IP... this does not make your IP change any more often than before which should be rare, like I said just on a fac reset.

Brighton, MA
thanks! Will keep this in mind.