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El Paso, TX
reply to Kamus

Re: Telmex, Mexico, FTTH?


OK, so this is confirmed at this point.

I've talked with the employees that are laying the fiber, and this is indeed FTTH.

One of them told me that each cable they use has 6 usable fibers, and they start using one of those fibers at each pole they install a terminal at. Each terminal serves up to 8 homes, so each cable it seems, will light up to 48 homes.

Now, most of the fiber has already been laid, but the same can't be said for the terminals. They leave enough cable on every pole they intend to install a terminal at, but most areas that have the fiber don't have a terminal yet.
The employee also mentioned that they are waiting for an underground fiber cable in the area they were at when i talked to them. a 5,000 meter cable that was being built day and night he said.

This is how the fiber looks like with the terminal installed, the fiber terminal is the black box:

I also have a small, crappy video i took in a rush when they were installing a different terminal:


Now, the reason i know that this is being deployed in most cities in Mexico, is because I've been hearing from other people in forums that have noticed the exact same thing i have.
Some much bigger cities than mine, and some smaller.

What i don't know for sure is just how many areas of those cities is going to be served by their first run. But i have heard from numerous sources (including the guys laying the fiber) that only the most profitable areas are going live this year.

It's also worth noting, that the company that i think rushed their FTTH project (Totalplay) is expanding to more than 15 cities this year, Totalplay already offers 40mbit FTTH in most of Mexico city right now (they are a brand new company , owned by the same people that own TV azteca)
This is good, but i don't think they'll be able to match Telmex's coverage.

No word yet if the cable companies owned by Televisa are getting the Docsis 3.0 treatment, but so far it doesn't look like it at all.

The speeds they plan to offer haven't been confirmed yet. But, I heard from some exec interviews that the max speed they plan to offer is 100 mbits, and they recently gave most of their website a cosmetic make over, and their "speedtest" webpage also got the make over... here's the interesting part:

This is how it used to look like before the make over:

This is how it looked like right after the makeover went live, notice the new top speeds for download/upload:

And this is how it looked just a few hours after the makeover went live:

Feel free to draw your own conclusions, but it seemed to me they realized they jumped the gun, since there's no official announcement yet and decided to change the speeds back to how they were.

I'll keep updating this thread as i get new information, and of course i'll do a full review of the service once i get my hands on it.

i hope thats true i cant wait ^_^ saludos de Tamaulipas Mexico