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Ashburn, VA
reply to baineschile

Re: Not true

said by baineschile:

said by AlexNYC:

No one will pay less, but many people will pay more.

....If two people are paying two different prices, one is more, and one is less?

I believe it was meant that everyone will be paying more than they currently do, despite the variations between each households' bills.

I'm sure there will be a few customers that may see smaller bills, but the idea behind this shift would be for the cable company to make a bigger profit. While I am certainly not privy to the exact numbers involved, I strongly suspect that the overwhelming majority of customers would see an increase on their monthly bills with this proposed scenario of usage based billing.

This appears to be the typical modus operandi of any major corporation. Once the maximum profit has been attained and growth begins to stagnate, additional value-added features are introduced. Once this space has largely been filled, completely different segments of business are implemented, such as moving into the telephone service arena, as a relatively recent example.

It's a bit like a corporate version of the movie Highlander. "There can only be one!"