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Re: Proposal: Speed AND consumption pricing models.

There's nothing wrong with what you have listed, except that what TWC will do is look at usage patterns. If they find that 90% of their users go over 2GB then that will be their first tier, not 10. That would be called "leaving money on the table". Then they find that next point is 5GB, so that will be their 20 dollar one. Then 20GB will be their 35 GB one. The goal of this pricing type is to make the tiers right at that point where average users will go into overages or be forced to pay into the higher tier they wont really use. Cell companies have perfected this and for some reason we accept it, even when there are providers who charge the same or less for unlimited. This is why the TWC CEO thinks consumers will "come around" because they are already used to it as VZW, AT&T, Sprint and Tmo voice customers, and VZW, and AT&T data customers.

There are basically two types of ATT customers, ones that always bust over their minute usage and pay overages, or ones that have tons and tons of rollover they will never use. Sure there is a small minority who the plans fit really close to their usage. And ~90 million users put up with that crap. And that's just at&t.