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Newman Lake, WA

Should I switch to SpeakEasy? CO Distance, Ping?

Hey there, I have had 3 different providers so far. Comcast, which has great bandwidth but has had terrible ping for me for the past 5 years with 10+ techs out saying everything is fine. I had Qwest and it was stable but the ping was a little higher then I wanted for gaming. The last provider was a liberty lake 1ghtz wireless. It was ok but as the connection was wireless it wasn't stable enough for me. I have heard people complain of the merger that just happened with SpeakEasy.

I looked online to see if I was able to get it at my location. Its available... at 99 a month for a 1.5/865. Honestly I don't even care at this point about the speed. All I want is low stable pings for pc gaming and Xbox live. I was told I am 8732 Ft from the CO. The only thing that has me down now is the install fee which is a hefty 250 if you don't get a 2 year contract. But then again if I get it and don't like it you are required to pay 50% of the contract to cancel. What are your guys opinions on the latency SpeakEasy offers in general? Do you guys think it would be worth it for me to give it a go?

Bloom County
I have few, if any issues with SE and have had SE for 10 years or so but I also have Covad as a CLEC. There are so many things that effect ping that there is no way to know if they will be lower than Qwest (I think that would be your ILEC).

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