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Directv Credit Card Fraud

I just want to let everyone know that Directv WILL steal money from you if they so decide.. If you EVER make a single payment via your credit card, they will keep that number and even if you discontinue auto-draft payments or any form of electronic payment (up to and including disconnecting your service or even spaciffically instructing them to remove any payment cards from your account at all), they will not only refuse to remove any cards used to pay with from their records (a privacy act violation I believe), but will draft continue drafting from your account even AFTER you fully cancel and close out your account..

I felt the need to let EVERYONE know what kind of thieves Directv are before anyone decides to actually sign up with this disreputable company. I am currently in proceedings of fileing a payment reversal on over $400 that they took from my account without my approval, knowledge, or even confirmation. I am also going to look into any formal charges I can file agenst the company if at all possible, but doubtful as the courts seem to favor big business.

Furthermore, the company REFUSED to process a return of funds to my account, stating that they do not have the ability.. This was after I was hung up on no less than three times for requesting a supervisor (which i still never got to speak with), and I never even raised my voice or became abusive on the phone (I've worked at call centers before, and I know that's justifiable hang-ups there so I just don't do it). This leads me to drastically question the company's Ethics..