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Norwalk, CA
reply to zalternate

Re: How about this usage based billing model

said by zalternate:

So lets charge the customer whats fair.
So 5 cents per GB(300GB = $15) and then a monthly system access fee. Sounds fair to me. Well as long as the system access fee(for installs and, etc.) is only about $20 and not $50 per month.

Lets get rid of all that "under the line" pricing add-ons. We all know that is just B.S. intended to make the 'advertised price' look a lot cheaper than what the customer actually pays in the end.

Lets stop ISP's from charging you a 'modem rental fee', when you are 'not' renting a modem. It's just a scam to get more money out of the end user. It's also called Fraud and Theft, for pretending to be providing a product that does not exist, to the end user.

Now excuse me while I go to pay my Oxygen Tax. I didn't know there was one, but some guy in a 3 piece suit just showed up at the door alerting me about it and he has a receipt book, so it must be legit.

sounds just like the wallet inspector....

i have said it once ill say it 100 times if this is all about keeping the pipes free flowing send out notice to the high users that in peek time they might be throttled. having your connection going full blast during peak times vs middle of the night when no one is on is 2 different stories. if they ever start talking about true things ill hear what they have to say. until then its just a ploy to get more money.