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Porting Issue - Teleblend to T-Mobile prepaid - Please Help

I have original Verizon # with Sunrocket later gone to teleblend. On Wednesday I bought a tmobile prepaid phone and requested to port my landline(voip/teleblend) to tmobile. They took my information, gave me temp number and told it will be done in 2 days. I was surprised as I thought landline takes longer. Friday moring I got a text on my tmobile that my # is the number I was porting from. I thought my porting is done, but my incoming was still coming on the teleblend number.

Called tmobile they said that it takes 24 hrs and phone shuld be ported completely. We heard horror stories about teleblend billing even the phone number is ported. So we called teleblend and said that please don't renew my month after month ends on 13th (sunday).

That was our mistake, as I suspected they disconneced it right away. I can't reach teleblend on weekend.

I called tmobile and now they says the phone was never ported, it is scheduled for 15th. The request has been sent but not yet accepted (or rejected) and will be done on 14th. They only applied outgoing to my cell number. Tmobile says that if my landline provider disconnected the phone, they may get a reject but they can't tell anything until 15th.

My question: Considering teleblend disconnected my phone before my request date, can I loose my # before tmobile gets it?
Shall I call teleblend and restore my service monday? They going to charge me for activation, may be can't get my number.
What is the best I can do to not loose my number? How soon its released to public after disconnect?

Any help/insight will be appreciated.


Cleveland, OH
Let this be a lesson to you when porting a phone number from one service to another; never cancel your service until you are 100% certain that the port went through.

Good Luck to you!

Thanks. Just want to let you know that my phone was ported on 15th as scheduled.
Here is what I found out on what went wrong:

1. On 10th t-mobile contacted teleblend for porting. Teleblend authorized the porting but told them to wait until 15th - Why? Now I know because my billing cycle ends on 13th. So that they can charge me another month of service as they don't prorate.

One of my friend ported from teleblend to vonage and he was wondering same thing. Even though he requested porting days in advance, the porting didn't happen until after the end of billing cycle and they billed him for extra month.

Looking on internet, there are several stories about teleblend charging customers even after porting.....

Another thing, we contacted teleblend to disconnect our phone at the end of our billing cycle - even after making sure at least 3 times; they disconnected my line right away.

I made a one time payment to teleblend and requested them to not store the credit card for auto payment, they did it any way.

This company has serious problem.....