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[TW] Slow download speeds, need to get a new cable modem.

I have a Toshiba PCX2500 modem since Sept 07,TWC EarthLink.
Averaging just under 5.00 Mb/s download speeds. The rep over
the phone advised me to go to my local TWC center to get a new
modem. Will they give me a choice of brands? I have read that they have a modem router combo. Is that a better setup then
having 1 separate modem and 1 wireless router.


I wouldn't want a combo. If your internet is not working it will be difficult to tell what is wrong--the line, the modem, or the router. And routers can have a lot problems. But if you'd use a random crappy router otherwise, and don't mind having to go in again to swap TWC's combo device if any problem happens, it could be worth it.