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CenturyLink Westell Router issues?

I've been having issues with my Westell Router for 2 days now. It's a model 7500. and I need some help resolving the issues. the DSL and Internet lights on the modem flashing, and when they become a solid color (as in they are connected) it will only stay connected for approx. 3-5 minutes then it drops out, everytime. I called the company today to get a little technical support, but they just told me that i either had a bad filter or the phone jack was all out of wack, but i dont see this to be the problem. I have the ethernet cord hooked up to my laptop right now, but it wont connect onto the desktop. If someone could pleaseeee help me solve this, it's been frusterating me all dang day. Thank ya!

you can email me answers as well at finalfantasy_guru AT


united state
Could you post your line stats?

They would be under the menu of the westell. You can access this menu by typing one of the following into your address bar of your browser. or
In mine (Westell 327W) they are under the following headings:
This posting is of my own opinion and in no way connected to any employer.

Okay, here is what I have so far(=

Connection Rate (Down/Up): No DSL Connection
Connection Status In Packets
Out Packets 26536800
In Error Packets
Out Error Packets 0
IP Network Address PPP
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS PPP Down

Ethernet Status In Packets
Out Packets 28321
ATM Network Address VPI
Firewall Status Passed
Dropped In: 0 Out: 0
In: 0 Out: 0
Connection Information
Connection Name Connection Duration Status Number of Reconnects
CenturyLink 0:00:00:55 UP 31

Transceiver Revision : A2pB030m1.d23a
Vendor ID Code : 4D54
Line Mode : ADSL2
Data Path FAST
Transceiver Information Downstream Path Upstream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 5019 1027
Margin (dB) 6.1 6.5
Line Attenuation (dB) 54.5 34.6
Transmit Power (dBm) 0.0 12.6

and it is still booting me off every 5 minutes or so.


united state
reply to sammygirl00
What speeds do you pay for? (down/up)
You are syncing very high on the up side at 1M but yet only 5M on the down side.
Margins are in the crapper also. If you haven't, you might power cycle the modem just in case it's got a glitch.
This posting is of my own opinion and in no way connected to any employer.

over the past 2 days I've power cycled plenty of times. and i had just done one about 15 minutes ago. but it's still doing the same thing.
i think we're paying for 2mb. but i'm not sure. i know a lot about computer, just not this kinda stuff xD


Whitewater, CO
reply to sammygirl00
Other things may be affecting your line stats, is the phone line on your modem going to anything before the phone jack? ex filters surge protectors, any other daisy chain type of setup? Are you using the 8ft phone cord that came with the modem or one that is longer? Another useful tip may be to try the modem on another jack and check the line stats there, the will help you to identify a faulty jack. If you have any daisy chain going on, bypass it all and connect directly to phone jack with modem, no filter on modem. Make sure you have anything else that plugs into a phone jack in house connected through a filter, if not either get a filter or simply disconnect it until you can. Also you may want to try another phone cable if none of that solves it for you. The #1 cause of a signal problem is with wiring, check what you can to eliminate that and then if still having the issue contact tech support again. Don't forget to check those line stats on the modem with each test while you have a solid DSL light (if DSL isn't solid it won't give them to you), with luck you'll see those margin stats move up, and attenuation stats move down.


united state
reply to sammygirl00
What concerns me most is your sync rates that you reported. Something doesn't seem right about either one. I'd call it in again. Unplug the modem and tell them you have no sync if that's what it takes to get a tech out. It's always best to be home or schedule an appointment if you suspect a modem is bad. Ask that the tech contacts you before he comes and/or when he test from your dmarc at the house. When he test from the house, you want to know what his line stats are from the dmarc. Knowing this, you can compare his readings with yours inside the house. Being that you have a Westell 7500, I assume you pay a lease fee for it. That being said, he should test all the way to the modem and this is why you would want to be there when he test. ( To give him access)
This posting is of my own opinion and in no way connected to any employer.