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Nashua, NH

DSL after Disconecting phone service

I've have Covad DSL through my phoneline for many years. It's generally been very good. I want to drop my phone service through Fairpoint and move my phone to my cable service. If I do this, will I still be able to keep my DSL? Will it just be considered a dry line?

I hate to lose it, but I really want to dump Fairpoint.

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Depends on if you are on a line sharing setup now or not. You likely would need to order Dry DSL and then after seeing if it works well or not call and cancel the line sharing DSL.
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Nashua, NH
Oh, ok, thanks. It's a line share with my POTS through Fairpoint.

I want to move my voice to my Comcast Cable to get rid of Fairpoint so I'll probably just move my internet as well. Comcast triple play will save me $100/month!

MegaPath Dan

Saint John, NB
reply to jydub

Thank you for choosing MegaPath. My name is Daniel.
We are very interested in keeping you as a customer, jydub, and would like to see what we can do to work with us. Please contact our sales team at 1-877-611-6342 x2 and tell a dedicated Sales representative the story you wrote here. Maybe we can work something out and bundle you with our Duet Telephony, voice + Data service or even our Speakeasy ADSL Lineshare, or even a Covad ADSL + Duet Voice service. There's always hundreds of options here at MegaPath, and we sincerely hope you consider staying with us.

Have a wonderful day.

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