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Hooking up a MP3 player to the XM switch

I recently had an FM switch installed into my 2005 Dodge Ram pickup to solve the static problem with my after market Sirius radio. It works fine on the radio but when I plug my MP3 player into the switch so it will play through my radio I get static. It seems to only happen when the truck is on. It will sometimes play fine for a song or two but then the static will start. The MP3 player is new and works fine with ear phones or a docking station. This has me baffled since it only does it with the MP3 player and not my Sirius radio. If it were a wiring issue or loose connection I would think it would have this issue with both. Any ideas?


I need too.


Pennsville, NJ
reply to Hal
I thought the actual modulator was in the head unit? So taking a stab in the dark... maybe its slipping freq since the modulator control isnt being used?
Explain your hookup please... does the Sat run to an audio in jack on the radio or is it the kit that goes into the Ant. wire?.... Like i said just a guess