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Check Your Usage Now!

Go to »myusage.att.com to find out how much you are currently using. Login with your "@att.net" credentials. I was shocked. »i51.tinypic.com/34rsv0h.jpg

Household of 4. No cable, so the family watches a lot of Netflix on XBox and PS3(1.8GB/Standard & 3GB/HD for 2 hours of content). Online gaming. Game demos 1GB or more. Streaming one 42 minute (standard definition) Divx show is 350 MB. Downloading albums with Zune Pass. Youtube videos 720x480 16:9 around 80 mb. Almost at 190GB and it hasn't been a month yet. So I guess I'm in the 2 percent.

I'm in a area that has an independent cable system, the one I left for these AT&T(who I have 4 cell phones through). I left because my cable bill was so high. Premium channels, DVR and all the bells. Found myself watching alot of things online (I hate commercials), so I switched. Well, I guess I'm switching back to cable minus the extras. Didn't use a lot of my unlimited data on 2 of my jailbroken iPhone 4 ( »i55.tinypic.com/308f6du.png ) because of my wifi, but just because of this, I definitely will. I will still be doing what I'm doing, it's just AT&T won't get money from my bundled service anymore. Free any mobile to any mobile is good to me(even though I have Google Voice in my A-List), but this just set AT&T back so far in my book.


Fremont, CA
my usage: »i51.tinypic.com/21416rp.jpg


Quickie estimate math for my household should be about 200GB. I guess this just means they have yet meter my neck of the woods. No worries... we've already made the decision to move our service to sonic.net for pretty much the same DSL package.


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My usage is rather low this month. I don't break the 150 gig cap but it's also a household of 1 and for the past several months I've been doing low bandwidth activities. I've been recording my bandwidth through my router since I got it on July 22 2010 so I know about what I'm using.

July 2010 - 11373 mb (started july 22)
August 2010 - 102452 mb
September 2010 - 124439 mb
October 2010 - 86742 mb
November 2010 - 77534 mb
December 2010 - 72634 mb
Jan 2011 - 80464 mb
Feb 2011 - 44957 mb
March 2011 so far - 46808 mb

*Oct, Nov, Dec, and Jan I was at home much less than normal so my usage was down. Feb/March I'm not sure why my usage is so low.

Worth noting is that the bandwidth monitor on AT&T's site is coming in very low for me. It's saying that since Feb 16 or whatever I have only used 17 gigs. I know this is incorrect since I downloaded a 15 gig game through steam just last week, and there's no way I only used 2 gigs the rest of the month considering I've streamed about 20 hours of youtube (not to mention online games and the considerable amount of web browsing I do)


San Francisco, CA

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I am wondering about this too. I forgot to backup my router traffic data for Jan and Feb when I was tinkering with DD-WRT firmware but with just the past few days for comparison and knowing what I downloaded in the past few days either the built in bandwidth monitor for DD-WRT is really that bad (I know it has trouble sometimes) or can ATT be monitoring it wrong?

Now that question kinda makes me lean towards ATT monitoring wrong since Brael you are saying it is coming in low for you and it seems ATT is coming in high for me.

I know DD-WRT isn't perfect at bandwidth monitoring at times but is it really that much off?

DD-WRT March 12 - incoming: 10999MB / outgoing: 840MB
ATT March 12 - downloaded:18.73GB / uploaded: 2.10GB

DD-WRT March 14 - incoming: 2289MB / outgoing: 291MB
ATT March 14 - downloaded: 4.95GB / uploaded: 0.51GB

DD-WRT March 15 - incoming: 11835MB / outgoing: 801MB
ATT March 15 downloaded 14.64GB / 1.31GB

I have gone over the 150GB cap twice now in their monitoring site which I know I have, and actually have gone over it for over 5 months now. I am wondering is the ATT monitoring site even reliable?


Even if it's not perfect, the thing is. AT&T says I've downloaded 17 gigs in the last 30 days. I can physically count downloads. A 15 gig game, 12 gigs (8 down 4 up) on torrents, a 2.1 gig patch on a game, 4900 webpages, 20 hours of 320p streaming video. This is since Mar 1st. Their 17 gigs was going back to Feb 16. DD-WRT looks to be a lot more accurate to me.v


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Thanks so much for the link. I was wondering how much bandwidth that I was using especially since I have Netflix. Because if I was hitting that 150GB limit I was going to go to Comcast.

UT Pharmer

Houston, TX
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F me.

I hit 750gb in the past 31 days.

Thank god I can switch to Comcast...? Gotta love those options-- Capped or Capped? :'(

I was planning on canceling my account in May anyway, but this confirms it. I'm on the highest tier Internet, have a VOIP international plan and I have the best TV package. I pay $170-ish per month. I should be allowed to do whatever the hell I want to with the connection I pay for. The quality of others' Internet connections and TV services are in no way affected, hence the ability to simply pay for more 50GB allowances. Not to mention that their TV, phone and Internet are all carried over the same, non-overcongested lines. Blatant corporate money grabs like this make me sick. That's the beauty of private enterprise. You don't have to listen to greedy-ass stockholders.

I'm going to complain a lot on Facebook and discontinue my services. That's about all I can do though. I hope that company burns.

I'll probably switch to Clear(R). I had it once before for about two months, and I guess I'll have it again. I'll also probably move to Sprint from ATT wireless when I get the chance. I'm tired of that greedy company trying to milk me like a god damned cow. Just BS...


reply to renorockstar
The response I got:

AT&T is not able to capture usage data on all of its customers. Customers whose usage is not available for viewing should not be concerned about their usage patterns for billing purposes.

Should not be concerned? Until I get slapped with an overuse charge.


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You're lucky - all I have gotten in the past six days is:

We're sorry, but we're unable to display your Internet usage at this time.

Please try again later.