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Jay, OK
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An idea

Here is a stellar suggestion, insted of up to speed advertising and making people mad when they don't get those speeds and worrying about congestion slowing everything down to the point no one can get the up to speeds why don't we just try this.

Use a computer model to forcast what the speeds on your line would drop to given as much congestion as you could possibly ever see and advertise your service speed at that speed with the words "or faster" after that. then customers are going to see at least the speeds advertised or better at all times and thus you have a very happy customer base and you have no worries about congestion which truth be known, they really don't now, they just overstate what their service can do in the real world and then blame the consumer when their expectations don't pan out and people start yelling. Oh and get rid of outsourced foreign customer support.

Just think, an Ozark hillbilly is smart enough to think of this but the corporate minds can't see past their pocketbooks long enough to out think even me, LMAO.

Just my 2 cents worth.
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Siren, WI

said by zeddlar:

why don't we just try this.

advertise your service speed at that speed with the words "or faster" after that.

Same reason that cars aren't advertised as $50,000, or less! But when you see "Starting at $22,000", it looks like the car is less than half the price, even if the average model ends up going for $40,000.

Consumers (as a whole) are fairly ignorant and most just fall for what the marketing tells them. Many don't understand what the speeds mean in the first place, so they'll just choose the provider that advertises the highest number.