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Corona, CA
reply to DarkLogix

Re: And there you have it...

said by DarkLogix:

the backbone is owned by multiple major ISP's and web sites
their isn't jsut one back bone and its more of a web

That is true, but irrelevant. While the internet has lots of competition, broadband access to most homes in America is through one of a handful of companies who are either ILEC (Incumbent telco) or MSO (cable companies).

The FCC has embraced an oligarchy of residential ISPs over true competition. The dupoly of cable vs dsl was deemed enough competition, even though with telcos having monopolized territory, and franchise agreements for cable companies, consumers have no choice in broadband providers other than frick vs frack. Overbuilding is possible, and alternates such as municipal broadband or wireless projects are possible, but almost without exeception, the telcos use every trick in the book (including Astroturf campaigns) to thwart any serious alternative.

There was a lot of discussion recently after Egypt and other countries turned their internet "off - like a switch" and how could that be? Well, when you have a state-owned telco they control nearly all the residents. Sure, there are workaround including international dialup. It's unthinkable that we could have that here in the US, but it is more than theoretically possible for the government to declare an emergency and matter of national security, make a handful of calls (less than 10) and block a given site, service, or technology for 90% of the country within a very short time.