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Silver Spring, MD

Verizon: No Plans To Meter Usage

AT&T wanted to go against progress. South Korea talking about deploying Gigabit broadband to all housewhole by the end of 2012.
AT&T wanted the US consumers to go back with dial up. That's ashamed.
The only thing they care about is $$$. They don't care about customers satisfaction at all. By capping user's broadband they will lose all their customers.
Bravo!!! Verizon FIOS not to follow AT&T
In what country are we? Are we in a 3rd world or 1st world country?

People stop using AT&T!!! move to Verizon FIOS or other unlimited broadband ISPs!!!

Valencia, CA
·Time Warner Cable
You realize most people who have AT&T DSL do not have Verizon as their phone company, so they don't have that choice, right?

My choices are reasonably fast TWC cable (not capped currently but they've made it clear it's coming), reasonably fast AT&T U-verse, and ADSL at 1/5 the speed from unlimited resellers.

I'd like to switch to an unlimited reseller on principle, but I don't think I can shoot myself in the foot to that degree. I like my fast speeds, even if it means I'm "going to hit my cap faster" (reality is that I've never used more than around 200GB in any month). I'm way far from the CO, so none of the CLEC ADSL2+ will ever be an option.

So I'm on the fence about jumping to Time Warner. They've had all sorts of issues in the LA area lately and I can only imagine it will get worse when AT&T's hogs jump ship, too.

*Sigh* ... this sucks.
AT&T U-Hearse - RIP Unlimited Internet 1995-2011
Rethink Billable.