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Corona, CA
reply to qworster

Re: And there you have it...

said by qworster:

Actually now TWO companies are doing it the biggest cableco and the biggest telco.
And since they operate by region, in some regions you will have the choice of one capped company-or the other capped company.

Absolutely.... and people in those areas have no choice but to live with capped service.

It will be interesting to see how the FCC weighs in on this....but someone in Washinton will claim "yes, competition is alive, people can still rent as many on-demand movies from their cable provider as they want."

OK, so that's $3.99 each vs $10 from Netflix for as many as I want, but I have to watch the meter to make sure I don't hit the cap...... ?!?


I keep asking this, nobody ever answers. Does anyone know if Netflix pays the film industry any $$ for every download? Seems like the visual Napster.