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Ex-TELUS employee, Ubuntu Lover

Edmonton, AB


Dont forget the Deep Packet Inspection so they (Shaw) can implement throttling...
My opinions are my own so bugger off!



Patman, I will agree with you and the OP on service speed and caps, etc.

I will also voice the OP's concern that dealing with Telus customer support is totally beyond frustrating. I asked for a VDSL modem from the beginning and didn't want the Actiontec. I should get a choice if I'm willing to waive support for my network.

They agreed I could, sent a tech, he didn't call or even show. I called at 7:10pm to find he didn't even pick up a modem or call.

Rescheduled, the next tech tried to tell me he couldn't because there was nothing wrong - I voiced the concern of double-natting and he then relented in leaving the actiontec and a switch and a ALU... more than I asked for. This was after he asked his manager.

Why is it that Telus tries to jam every customer in the same bin - yet they don't worry about caps, throttling certain traffic, etc?

I'm just confused why it takes so many visits to resolve some issues.


Victoria, BC

said by CarlS123 :

I'm just confused why it takes so many visits to resolve some issues.

The techs must get paid on how many clients they visit each day. They probably assume were all morons, and when they show up and we have real problems, they get frustrated, and do everything in their power to leave. All 3 techs I had, had one thing in common. They had no problem leaving without resolving the issue. It was horrible. Telus must be spending more money on me calling back in all the time, and getting techs sent out multiple times.

As for the modems. I tried the actiontec for a bit, but it barely has any router features, its completely crippled. I bought my ALU off craigslist and it works great. I can't believe the first tech tried to blame my ASUS N16 router w/ Tomato installed on it. It smokes the actiontek.

I think telus isn't ordering ALU's anymore, so thats why they don't give them out. For non teksavvy customers, having a universal router probably makes it easier for them to troubleshoot over the phone.