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Warwick, RI

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reply to fatmanskinny

Re: Karl, did you check under your shoes?

TH ATS RIGHT. right now they re very busy RAMMING fiber into American homes along with their TV service and nice plush box rental fees and other fees. They dont want to derail this effort. Lets get fiber into most homes and get those homes off the copper line. Since competing carriers are not allowed on fiber once we get a home OFF the copper we will not reconnect it to copper and squash that competition . Then we can lower the boom here's our caps spread them and enjoy. And this WILL spread to all carriers the share holders will LOVE it !!!! and the sad part is most people will do NOTHING but just take it.

said by fatmanskinny:

I smell shit in this story. Verizon: No PLANS to Meter Usage. Of course they don't have any PLANS to do it. However, Comcast is doing it, AT&T is doing it. Verizon is not going to stand by and not get more $$$.

Verizon is lulling people to sleep and then they will begin their cap nightmare. "Get your services through Verizon. We don't cap because it is not in our PLANS."

A year later: Due to the overwhelming demand for our products, we have to implement caps. Right, it's not in the PLAN.