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Milledgeville, GA
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Re: AT&T usage meter -- is yours as wildly inaccurate as mine?

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You're better off with some sort of monitoring on your router. I still have a good ol' Linksys WRT54G running Tomato, it has a pretty spiffy bandwidth usage chart.

You're kind of missing the point -- AT&T isn't going to be billing me based on my DD-WRT usage, they're going to be billing me based on the usage their tool reports -- and it's reporting 100Gigs more than dd-wrt!

What if you can't get dd-wrt running behind your 2wire on Uverse (due to double natting issues, etc)? You're boned either way.

Bridge your 2Wire, I just did this to a Embarq 2wire so i could use the sameknows/test my ISP router.

Here is an FAQ for atleast 1 model 2wire might work on outhers.
»AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ »Bridge Mode for the 2Wire 2701HG-B
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Palos Hills, IL
See, i was able to do this on AT&T HSI DSL...but no on Uverse. I guess I should actually poke in the Uverse forum though, sorry.


I am having the same problem.

Per Tomato, I've used 109GB this month yet AT&T says I've used nearly 140GB.

Clearly something is wrong.