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Ypsilanti, MI
reply to JerryTimes

Re: .

Right! Here you are, in order:

-My connection has been reliable in bursts, for about 25% of my usage.
-I was sold a 12/2 connection while being told simultaneously it was 6/1 and 15/3. I guess you could argue that disinformation is no information, but...
-Comcast set a time for the install and the guy showed up 40 min. before the window, called on his cellphone because he was standing outside.
-Call to "tech support": I asked about the throttling techniques Comcast has in place and was told they don't throttle traffic.
-By "decent throughput", I mean that Comcast's shaping algorithms generally deliver sufficient bandwidth for any single application running over the network, but only just.
This is a sub-selection from .