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Toledo, OH
reply to gvd

Re: Has anyone...

said by gvd:

Could I trouble you to drill into your data both on your dd-wrt & at&t's system? I smell a huge rat, but we'll only unearth it with cold, hard, data.

There are a couple days in February when I don't have any information from my router (2/2 and 2/16, and I suspect something went wrong on my router on the 9th.)

Assuming 1000 MB/GB, Total UL/DL
My router: 148.76
Discrepancy: 39.7% in AT&T's favor.

Router is a Linksys WRT-54G v8.0 running dd-wrt micro, locked down with WPA2. No torrenting in February, but was in the process of switching my online backups from Mozy to Crashplan for most of the month. Single user on Elite DSL(6.0Mb/768kb), with Desktop, Laptop, & Roku box. Frequent user of Netflix and other streamed services; no cable.

Spreadsheet linked below.