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Two Seagate USB hard drives problematic together ?

I have a Seagate 3 TB Free Agent GoFlex Desk external hard drive, and a Seagate 1.5 TB Free Agent GoFlex portable hard drive.

Both of them are portable. It's that the 1.5 TB drive is more portable since it gets its power over the USB cable. Thes 3 TB drive needs a seperate power supply.

It seems that when I have them both hooked to my desktop computer at the same time, I have problems where my computer slows down a whole lot. Sometimes I get errors saying a certain file had an error. I try rebooting my computer, but the problems quickly comes back.

There is a "Seagate Dashboard" backup software icon that I see is loaded on my computer desktop. That must have got loaded when I loaded one of these two hard drives. I wonder if each hard drive "wants" its own seperate Dashboard ?

Each hard drive seems to work ok when hooked up seperately.

I wonder if both of these Seagate hard drives need this software, but the software doesn't know which one to work with ? Maybe thats the problem ?

Has anyone else here had problems like this when operating two Seagate Free Agent GoFlex hard drives ?

Thanks for your help.

Poway, CA

You might try posting this in the "PC Hardware Discussion/Reviews" forum (»PC Hardware Discussion/Reviews). The folks who hang out there may be able to help.



Thanks dave:

I'm wondering if these two Seagate drives, when hooked to the same computer, may be conflicting with each other, since they both "want" to use the same Seagate Dashboard.

I'll see about using your suggestion.