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San Diego, CA

The lose - lose situation with t-mobile

My big fear is this. It's apparent that d.t. doesn't feel like it's worth investing in t-mobile usa. For a few years they did a little, buying 1700/2100mhz spectrum and actually launching 3g service. But, for the many years til then, they literally did nothing with the t-mobile network.

At&t customers where rocking with edge and us t-mobile customers we're stuck with gprs, and still are in a huge section of the country! They wouldn't even get t-mobile usa to edge! SAD! They had how many years to expand their network to rural areas? How long did it take to get suncom? If d.t. actually invested in our country when they bought voicestream, we would be the size of verizon NOW, not in 2013 (per t-mobile's presentation a few months ago).

If the merger gets shot down, i expect the network expansion to halt, no new 3g or 4g markets, and eventually a buyout from an international company. (Its very well known that vodaphone has been very unhappy with verizon wireless's incompatible networks in the recent years. Nothing stopping them from selling their verizon shares and snatching up t-mobile. and i think that would pass thru the fcc and the ftc better than the current merger)
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