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Newtown, PA


I think it's fascinating that people are denouncing a makes-sense merger, while saying sprint should have bought tmobile. Problem is, sprint & tmobile use 2 different wireless standards. It would cost way too much to integrate and it would force people to update handsets.

I see att coming out with 6 band phones, apple having a universal iPhone, which will be able to be used with sprint & vz also.

I personally don't care about this merger, it won't affect me at all really. I find it hilarious that a small group of vocal people are so against this, when it does not really mean anything aside from att will have 700 mhz to work with.

Those ads where tmobile has a phone that can send video over 3G, big whoop, i can do that with my iPhone 4 too. I've sent a bunch of videos over 3G. I prefer sending it via wifi because the quality of the video is better. Also, the live video chat without wifi, yea you can use skype for that. Facetime is high quality video over wifi, it isn't really intended for use over cell signal, not yet anyways.

I think people are more concerned about how "expensive" att is, thing is, it isn't more expensive. Just because there is no 200 minute econo-plan doesn't mean att is more expensive.

As far as customer service, i've never had an unpleasant call to att ever in 6 years, and if there ever is an issue they have resolved it quickly. Of course you're going to hear bad things about att customer service, only from people who had bad experiences. People who have no problems aren't going to make a big noise about it haha.

- A