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The eyes have it
Natick, MA
·Verizon Online DSL
reply to n2jtx

Re: Hope It Fails - covering my eye.

said by n2jtx:

I have a 500 minute a month plan with unlimited nights and weekends for $29.99/month without a contract. Am I stupid enough to think AT&T will let me keep THAT plan as long as I choose to be a customer? Fat chance! They will probably tell me I need an unwanted smartphone (have an iPod Touch 4 that I am happy with) with 300 minutes a month, text package and data plan for $89.99.

Yes, 500! Me too ... the non-contract part was a welcome path to purchase a non-advertised Nokia phone which meets all my needs and works with well with T-mobile. I probably could have predicted something like this would happen, though. It almost always follows a product purchase that I can really afford and am totally satisfied with ... like a few obsolete artifacts floating around my Warehouse 13 basement!