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Huntsville, AL
reply to treichhart

Re: Its going happen no matter how many signatures you get

said by treichhart:

Its going to happen no matter how many signatures you get. Just look at centurylink and qwest? look at comcast and NBC? look at verizon wireless and alltel wireless? only 2 big players I see in wireless is going to be ATT and Verizon.

ATT wireless already bought out:
Centennial Wireless
now T-Mobile.

if anything happens big would be verizon wireless buys out sprint then verizon would be the biggest wireless carrier.

Cingular was a joint venture between SBC and Bellsouth. Cingular bought AT&T wireless in 2004 not the other way around. SBC bought AT&T Corp. in Oct. 2005 and adopted the AT&T branding. After the acquisition of Bellsouth in Dec. 2006 it was anounced the Cingular would start using the AT&T wireless name.