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West Des Moines, IA

SB6120 Firmware outdated?

Here is my current info:

Model Name: SB6120
Vendor Name: Motorola
Firmware Name: SB6120-
Boot Version: PSPU-Boot
Hardware Version: 3.0
Firmware Build Time: Apr 22 2009 12:15:22

Recently I started have issues with my internet dropping about every hour or so. I noticed on the SB6120 that the RECEIVE light was blue (bonded). It had been GREEN (single) previously.

I'm currently only on Mediacom's 12/1 plan. The modem briefly went back to all green light (single) and was working great/fast. It then went back to blue and would run very slow and drop every hour or so again.

Is there a way to "make" the modem single channel only?
Is there anything else I can do?


Cool Cat
Happy Valley
Post your signal levels & log entries please.
In God we trust; all others bring data!

Springfield, MO
reply to Cune
I have the same modem with the same firmware on Mediacom in Springfield, MO. I was told there was a upgrade done in the area, that more or less made the modem incompatible. The tech that came out said I need a firmware upgrade, but the firmware has to come from Mediacom. I talked to someone at Motorola and they confirmed that the firmware has to come from the cable company as they do not put the firmware out for anyone else to get. I ended up getting the Cisco DPC3000 modem that is needed for the Ultra 50. My modem also did the same thing, but at this point Mediacom does not support this modem. I had even bought one at the local Best Buy to test another modem and it did the same thing. At least I could take that one back to Best Buy, the other one I had was only 4 months old and am stuck with a modem I can't use.

Good luck