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I tried submitting quality stories in the past but only had one or two published. I've noticed it's mostly Karl Bode See Profile who get's published anyways. There are only a few others who get noticed too. Years ago I had certain stories on the front page and found many other members stories accepted too... not so much these days. I found there was a much more in depth variety of stories from many different posters. Those stories for submission got near instant approval. I lost interest trying to submit stories when I noticed that the daily stories now all come from the same person each and everyday... along with one or two other contributers. If anything I'm sure BBR has recieved a lot of unique insightful stories... but they were never published as it didn't meet a standard of some sort.
Remember that cool hidden "Graffiti Wall" here on BBR? After the name change I became the "owner", so to speak as it became: Dustyn's Wall »[Serious] RIP

But was BBR actively seeking and have a declared budget for articles at the time? And Karl's content gets published because he's the salaried news guy and has to show up for work daily whether he wants to or not.
Note: your post was edited as I was finishing my response. I did not review changes.

Karl, about "... that we will then highlight on the home page."
Is the plan is to integrate accepted articles into the current scroll of news items? I'd like to see them sticky at top for a period then rolled to a dedicated forum. It provides added incentive to create quality. I'd also suggest defining what constitutes a transient news item and require submissions to be of long(er)-form reference value. Industry news coverage is pretty good but the site could use a semi-regular supply articles not focused on current events.