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t-mobile usa is not a threat to anything

"the deal is largely about reducing competition and preventing T-Mobile from evolving into a serious threat.

T-mobile USA is never going to be a serious threat. They have way too many gaps in their coverage. There's not much sign they'll ever move to LTE at this rate while milking 3G. It's been a financial drag on it's owner DT who desperately wants to get rid of it. DT knows that T-mobile usa's value will continue to deteriorate in the coming years as they don't know how to manage the company.

I'm very mixed on the merger as a T-mobile customer. I'm not happy that it's going forward, but the better overall coverage with ATT will probably end up swaying me in its' direction. If they can retain inexpensive t-mobile plans, then i'll probably stay for the long haul. I just hope the government gets off their butt and puts enough conditions on the merger to keep t-mobile customers from getting totally screwed in the long run.

The most important thing here is that at least T-mobile customers didn't get screwed into merging with Sprint. After the Nextel merger, what sane person would want to join a company like this. It's all a matter of which devil that T-mobile customers want to join. I'd rather be with a company like ATT that has a chance at pulling off the merger.


Bothell, WA
As a Sprint customer, formerly AT&T iPhone 3G, I am glad too that Sprint did not buy the weak T-Mobile predominately GSM/3G GSM network. Our network is fast and will migrate to LTE it looks like in the next 2.5 years.