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Roselle Park, NJ

[netopia] Netopia 3347-02-1006L Configuration

I'm currently using Verizon DSL for my internet connection and the Westell 6100 modem was/is overheating like crazy even with a fan blowing on it. So I bought the netopia router modem combo to replace the Westell while retaining the use of my LINKSYS WRT router.

First problem is the modem will only let me telnet into the shell v1.0 command line interface and nothing else. I grew up on DOS so this doesn't really bother me that much except I'm not sure how to enable bridge mode through the shell. After being spoiled by GUI everyday this has become confusing.

Second problem is that I cannot install new firmware onto it.

Third problem is now I cannot telnet into the modem. I've tried resetting the modem but all I get is "limited or no connectivity" from my system tray(XP).

I can't remember which firmware it was on (maybe 7.4.1 v10) and all the other ports return the same symptoms. At the very least getting it to work as just a modem is what I want so help getting it to answer my telnet would be great.

Good Bye My Friend
it has a GUI, the ip should be so if you set your computer to you should be able to browse to it. try holding the reset button in for 5-10 seconds, then power cycling the modem to perform a factory reset.

if you bought it used, maybe you just bought a bad modem? dsldepot.com sells them for under 30.00 refurbed if this one is bad.
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Roselle Park, NJ
Setting my computer to allowed me to telnet the modem again but I still cannot access the browser GUI. The modem should be new (advertised that way from the ebay seller who also sells them on amazon) so it might be defective.

For now I'll try configuring by CLI. What information do I need besides the following to let me connect to verizon and keep my linksys router in the network:

VPI =0
Encapsulation Type = PPP
Encapulation Options = PPPoE
PPPoE username/password

I know the commands for entering the above but what about setting it as just a modem?

Also the actual firmware installed is soc os version 7.8.4 build r10 if that helps determine why the gui won't work.


Santa Clara, CA
said by sithmaster:

I know the commands for entering the above but what about setting it as just a modem?

If it is the ent version, there is no gui.
You can download the cli manual, and set the modem to bridge.


Roselle Park, NJ
Still having problems with setting the modem up. I entered my information via config commands and cannot connect (getting by with the 6100 still).

set bridge sys-bridge on
set atm option on
set atm vpi 0
set atm vci 35
set atm pppoe-llc encap
set ppp module on option
set ppp module on auto-connect
set ppp module always-on connection-type
set ppp module [vccn] port-authentication username
set ppp module [vccn] port-authentication password

The above commands are pretty much what I entered (in most cases I entered the beginning of the command to get all options for the particular setting and entered information for all options under that setting).

If I am missing something (can't see the forest for the trees or however the saying goes) then perhaps someone more experienced than me could chime in.

Is the business model incapable of being updated with a different firmware that has the GUI?

Poway, CA
Regarding your last question, I have always wondered about that myself, but I have never had an ENT model here to experiment with. I know that the non-ENT models will not allow you to use the ENT firmware unless you enter a special key; I don't know if there is a lockout when trying to go the other way.

reply to sithmaster
Connect the modem to the dsl line allow it to attempt to connect post the contents of the modems log it may show the problem