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This is a sub-selection from IPhone users...


Sugar Land, TX
reply to chgo_man99

Re: IPhone users...

said by chgo_man99:

Don't forget to reset your data counter in iPhone in next billing cycle. Then please report how much your data reports usage at the end of month and hoe much att wireless website. Those who already did that please share.

Comcast, att dsl or uverse users also welcome to post reports between their providers and statistics from broadband routers/firewalls.

I am really torn. Who should I believe, Comcast or my lying eyes ??


San Jose, CA

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Sarcasm is not welcome.

The study is mor helpful than you think. It does not matter if you only believe what your router reports. In fact it can report more than ISP, counting broadcast messages and other garbage.

And second it is easier to fight innacurate billing with evidence than sarcastic insulting remarks. Either be adult and stop starting flaming wars or pack and leave to watch next rodeo at your hometown.


Sugar Land, TX
I do not watch rodeo.

All the evidence in the world does not matter as long as the ISP's have the politicians in their pockets, it is a waste of time. What makes you think that the governmental entities that should be breaking monopolies/duopolies and punishing collusion agreements would give a damn about inaccurate billing ?