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Fort Pierce, FL
reply to bobbycito

Re: Caps

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Uverse message, FL
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DSL message, FL
I noticed that some users were posting screenshots of the data according to the myusage.att.com site. I got the same message as bobbycito when logging on to a uverse account that i manage. Then I got a totally different message on my personal dsl account.

I've also read that some users have received emails from at&t notifying of the change. I haven't received anything yet. I should add that the screen shots did show those users either being close or higher than the future caps to be imposed.

So did at&t just round up accounts for higher usage customers and warned them first? or is it going by state, last name, or the size of one's pecker or bra size? I guess I better turn on my routers metering to see if i'm going to comcast 250gb vs my DSL 150GB. ... !Hey kid #1 TURN OFF THAT NETFLIX, #2 STOP PLAYING THAT PLAYSTATION! Wife, STOP UPLOADING PICS TO flickr, facebook....!


Columbus, OH
heck i get a error saying it cant show me nada