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Re: people can rest assured

19 Hijackers provided Bush 2 the excuse he needed to make oil companies become mini standard oil's setting their own high prices on a whisper of any hint of a shortage of oil. Gasoline pushing $4-$5 a gallon... so no wonder AT&T wants their piece of the greed pie. I wonder what regulators will have to say now that they are also capping U-Verse.. how can AT&T-Mobile prove that prices will go lower when they are showing the opposite on U-Verse? Giver corporate USA an inch and they own the whole game. Companies used to actually care about their corporate image.. nowadays they do what they like and think they can pull the wool over a new generation's eyes. Most of us over the age of 30 remember what Ma-Bell was... the crap pulled today seems childish compared to how corporations run the government agenda now. By those old standards, lots of companies would have been broken up, censured or otherwise regulated to behave properly (banks & oil companies first and foremost).