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Chesterfield, MO
reply to jap

Re: If my plan changes

said by jap:

said by rradina:

Verizon will now have to buy Sprint. Perhaps US Cellular?

So, if USCell merges with Verizon then VZ's customer service, billing and price plans will become similarly stellar. That's how mergers usually work: the best of both companies floats to the top in choreographed synergy.

I don't mean to sound like a jerk but there's really no other way to say this.... are you SERIOUS?

If Verizon was interested in US Cellular, they wouldn't "merge" with them. They would buy them. Typically whichever fish swallows is the organization that wins, even if the swallowed organization is better-managed.

Folks are very fearful of T-Mobile "merging" with AT&T and having the "magic" that only AT&T knows, infect their company. They fear it will lead to the end of what they perceive as value and quality in the service they receive from T-Mobile. AT&T's strategy has been exclusive devices locked in to overpriced plans, no 3G service outside major population centers and crappy "five bar" service.

Service here used to be decent but over the past few years it's degraded with ever-increasing smart device traffic. There are areas where with five bars, if you can start a call it takes 15 to 20 seconds (or more) for it to start ringing. And don't even think about data. When I leave work I try to check the traffic on the iPhone built-in map. I have two routes home. If clear, one is ~15 minutes and the other is ~25 minutes. The decision point is about five minutes from my office when I get on the interstate. I often cannot get the map to update before I have to make the decision. I leave anywhere from 2pm to 7pm but often around 4pm. It doesn't matter when I leave, if I don't get updated traffic on my corporate WiFi network before I leave the building, I just don't get it despite a five bar 3G signal.

I have repeatedly used the AT&T iPhone app to report problems but it's been this way for well over a year.

To be fair, there are also areas where 3-bar service is fantastic. Calls go through immediately and data speed can top 6Mbps down and 1.5+mbps up using Ookla's speed test app.

After years of "3G coverage" map fights with Verizon it's incredible that they have NOT spread high speed to rural areas. Despite being embarrassed by Verizon's map, not much has changed. They have added some smaller population centers here and there but there's no holistic upgrade of all their towers to handle 3G. I think their lock on the Apple devices has kept them going. I hope most iPhone users leave for Verizon. Perhaps AT&T's network will get better with less load! I'd leave but I'm stuck because AT&T is our corporate wireless partner.

Of course if they are allowed to swallow T-Mobile, AT&T promises 4G coverage everywhere. Who can trust statements like this and what enforceable penalty will be engaged if they don't do it? Will the FCC vote to censure AT&T the way Congress air spanks its members when they misbehave?

Ohhh ouch. My second paragraph is pure sarcasm. I switched from sincere singing of praise for aspects of USCellular to an absurdist posit of how VZ swallowing USC would fundamentally alter VZ and make them angels. Of course it wouldn't: USC would be swallowed whole.