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Climax, MI
reply to LostInWoods

Re: So glad I just left for Verizon

said by LostInWoods:

My guess is that you wouldn't have that choice -- Verizon would swallow up Sprint in response.

The real question to me is whether they try to do so as a tactic to get the ATT/TMO deal scotched. This would be similar to Coca Cola buying Dr Pepper in response to Pepsi buying 7-Up in the mid 1980's. The FTC killed both deals as anti-competitive. This is similar, with a helluva lot more importance on the US economy than sugar-water. The question is whether the FTC still has a spine.

Verizon said they don't want Sprint.

Also, you should look up how much AT&T has paid (bribed) the government in the last 10 years.
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