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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Adios AT&T You greedy fools!

First they took away UseNet and charged us the same amount. Now they limit use to 150 gigs per month which is crap! If you download 1 NetFlix movie a day you will go over your limit. Spend some time each day on youtube and you will go over your limit. The only customers they want are 80 year old women that only use the Internet to e-mail their grandchildren. 250 gigs would be more reasonable like they will be offering to U-verse, but most people can't get it. Will U-verse magically become available and soak us for more money?

I will be moving to Cable access the first time they try to charge me 1 penny more if I exceed their unreasonable limit. They are under estimating the power of HOA's and condo boards. My fellow board members are pissed off and we can reach thousands of members throughout our S. Florida tri-county area and make the cable companies very happy and probably even get a discount.

Adios AT&T you greedy bastards!

I Can Not Tell A Lie.
Netcong, NJ

said by ARgyBargy:

They are under estimating the power of HOA's and condo boards.

You people can no longer enter into exclusive agreements with the one company that bought you an indoor pool.

Scranton, PA
reply to ARgyBargy

said by ARgyBargy:

250 gigs [cap] would be more reasonable

I don't know. I'm on Comcast, and I'm not impressed by my 250 GB cap.

It was implemented sleazily, the usage meter becomes unavailable at the end of the month when you need it most to avoid your service being cut off, the cap was implemented diminishing my level of service but the monthly charge was increased a dollar, I also have to take their word for it regarding how much bandwidth I've used, and all the while users' bandwidth requirements are increasing.

I mean, just as I was getting warm and snuggly with my new torrent manager, WHAM! I got a cap. Like all good Americans, I was planning on using Data for my video habit. Now I'm back to 6 channels on ATSC-TV.

And I'm being throttled.

The old business model was that when a neighborhood's node was getting crowded, the cable company would cut in a new node. Cutting off users who get too close to the Cap is the new way of maximizing profits. They're living off the fat provided by the last generation of cable workers that built the sytems, without having to make any improvements anymore, because the bottom line is all that matters.

And as a conspiracy theorist, I'm not sure that there's not a higher interest in limiting our 1st Amendment rights that's driving the new business model.

Anyway, maybe I should have saved this tirade for the Comcast forum, but this is where Google landed me. Now, I'll slink away into the inky blackness; thanks for tolerating.