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Tavistock NJ

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reply to tim85254

Re: Relevant state department of weights and measures...

said by tim85254:

Time for a letter writing campaign to your state Attorney General. Their bandwidth meter should be held to the same standard as a gas pump or a delicatessen scale. They should have to prove the accuracy satisfactorily to every jurisdiction in which they propose ripping people off with usage-based-billing.

It will either delay the introduction of usage-based-billing or hopefully make it so expensive to implement that they back off.

If, and that is a very big if, metering is somehow drug in to a court by some state AG, the case would end up going to either the FCC or a Federal Court. And the company involved(AT&T or Comcast or TWC, etc) would no doubt just have to prove their SYSTEM of measurement is accurate within some %( + or - ). There is no way this could turn in to proving every collection point of the data met some theoretical standard.

So, IF you got what you wanted, it wouldn't involve proving it to every jurisdiction and would only be looked at once by some 3rd party hired by the FCC or the Federal Court to verify the overall system.
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