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Shingle Springs, CA

Recommendations for a 10-20Mb/S circuit? Not so simple...

Lets give this a shot... I've been unable to ID a good forum with traffic on my issue, but maybe someone will take pity...

ATT/PacBell is the LEC. Location is 20 miles from Sacramento, I can see the capital. Lotta good it does.

Current end user internet options with the telco, are: Dial Up.

no dsl, 38k from the CO.

After 8 years in hell, I had a T1 installed. I pay $640 a month, have a WIPOP on the roof and run a 10 person co-op. (9 CPEs plus me) This has been running for 6 years.

We need more bandwidth...

I am just finding zero options. There are two WISP vendors, with horrific customer service profiles (such that my co-op is strong). Their backhauls are not reliable. Plus they would never give me the bandwidth to share with 10 users. (They did try and 'buy' the coop by offering me lifetime service in exchange for the 9 customers. but no BW commitments. Shrug)

AT&T is the only one bidding. They have some ethernet services with 10-20Mb, but since there is no other competitive bidder, they don't offer the sweet (and deep) discounts of 88% off the port costs without competition. Their std discount is 40%. This means instead of a workable $1250 a month for 20Megs, it is 2500! I can do the former (expand the co-op), but the latter will be a non-starter.

Fiber run to a school is 1.2 miles away. But again, no competitive bid, no competitive service.

Any bright ideas?


Lightning Bolt

Auburn Hills, MI
post your info over here »ISP b2b etc

and we can look for options, and provide you with quotes
Lightning Bolt Technologies


reply to ardvarkus
If you are lucky enough and can locate a Data Center in Sacramento then you can get roof rights and shoot the connection to your town.

The 20 mile shot is not a problem in itself, the only issue is if you can get a clean shot (i.e. no Fresnel and/or line of sight issues).

IM me if you need any help doing the path analysis.

Take care,



reply to ardvarkus
Try an ACC businses agent such as broadband.com. Uses the same att network but they normally have much better pricing.