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But you will be paying more.

But you will be paying more. Might as well stick with ATT and even with the overage it will be cheaper then Comcast. Or go to U-verse they have a 250GB cap. others will have caps as well. Do you really use more then 150 / 250GB a month?


Streaming movies can easily put you over their cap very quickly.

I Am Legend
South Elgin, IL
You can stream 2 movies a night and not reach your cap. Unless of course you do nothing all day but watch movies.
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Cupertino, CA
reply to Wings80
It's the overages that I have a major problem with. I don't believe that I should have to pay more just because I went over some arbitrary number established by AT&T.

U-verse, while the equipment has been installed in my neighborhood more than 2 years ago, is still unavailable so that is definitely not an option.

While Comcast has a cap, it is 100 GB more than AT&T's and there are no overages. Comcast's download speed is also 4 times what I had with AT&T (12 Mbps vs 3 Mbps) and it's only $10 more a month ($35 vs $45). IMO, the extra download speed is worth the $10. Now, if Sonic were to offer their ADSL2+ service (called Fusion) in my area, I'd jump on that in a heartbeat.


Brookfield, IL
·AT&T DSL Service
reply to wings10
Don't forget, the way that DSL technology works is that it's a direct line. There is no sharing outside of the central office, so there is no real stress on the lines. If there was, all DSL users would have constant issues with there lines.

AT&T is doing this only to make more profits on people they already have.
Thing is, they could have simply advertised that they offer unlimited bandwidth and most likely got more customers and made a lot more money that way.

Campbell, CA
reply to myosh
Have u made the switch? How is Comcast? I may have to do the same.


Los Angeles, CA
reply to wings10
but if u have ps3 or xbox for teens there goes the cap


Cupertino, CA
reply to lakino
The switch has been made, and, for now, I'm satisfied with Comcast's service. I was able to qualify for a promo price of $20/month for the first 6 months and the regular price afterwards.