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·Bright House
reply to BHNtechXpert

Re: If you could add a product, feature or make a change...

Apologies if any of these have been previously stated. Regrettably I did not have time to read all replies.

1. Provide something equivalent to Roadrunner Basic (see relevant section »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Road_Runne···d_Online ) at a fair price and perhaps at 3.0 mbps / 500 Kbps. Ideal price: $29.95 (RR Lite should be $15 - $20 in 2011 considering the speeds)

Many people don't need 10 Mbps but need more than 768 Kbps. There should be something in between the standard and the lite.

2. Standalone modems should be available as an option to all customers. Ideally Customer owned equipment should also be an option. It's about freedom and security. Not to mention that it makes troubleshooting far easier. At least make sure to always offer the option. You don't need to make it the default.

3. Solve whatever problems exist which seem to encourage some techs (both field and CSRs) to do a rush job or "play the blame game". Quality over Quantity. IMO a tech who does three installs perfectly is much better than one who does 10 sloppy installs in the same time which generate problems down the road. Do whatever it takes to get the issue fixed, preferably the first time and verify that it is fixed as much as reasonably possible before leaving. Reward the techs who are bringing quality to the table. Customers want it done right the first time.

Thanks for reading.

tim tim tim

Lutz, FL

for 1, considering what the rest of the country pays for internet, I think our pricing is very low and I very highly doubt there going to drop it.

for 2, customer owned equipment is 1000x's more difficult to troubleshoot then our own. All of our equipment polls regularly for us to see everything. If your complaining of macroblocking, you call in and we can see "o look, his signal is terrible". On the tech end it helps cut troubleshooting time by atleast 50-75% being able to pull all of the equipment remotely.. Also, educating everyone on all of the different equipment we have now is hard enough, I cant imagine trying to learn all of the specs and workings of other products too..

3. I agree with but unfortunatly, there has to be a balance where they can still turn a proffit.
On the service end, we are rewarded by low repeat percentages. The lower the repeats, the better the reward.