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I Am Legend
South Elgin, IL
reply to Lagz

Re: Fuck off, AT&T.

said by Lagz:

said by WhyMe420:

I'd rather be cut off than put another dime in AT&T's pocket.

Plus, there's no guarantee they'll even cut it off. It's only if you're clogging a node, and you're the top user. Whereas with AT&T, you're guaranteed to get an overage at 251GB+. At least cable co's have a half-assed excuse to cap. Whereas AT&T has no excuse other than greed.

Not to mention AT&T can't even get the meter right.

For those regular DSL users like myself that is 150GB. Comcast is looking better and better. I switched from comcast to AT&T. I guess it's time to switch back. 250GB looks a lot better than 150GB. The speed increase alone will be worth it. The only rational I used to stay with AT&T was they had no cap. Well I can't use that as an excuse top stay with them any more.

Can you switch to U-Verse? It would be cheaper then Comcast and you get 250GB a month.
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