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« Don't confuse me with the facts.
This is a sub-selection from rly?


Greensboro, NC
reply to ToiletMint

Re: rly?

Well, first and foremost the local media have not given it any coverage at all. Also, not even the local PBS network (UNC TV) has given it any real coverage in their weekly legislative coverage of the general assembly. The whole thing has been swept under the rug and purposefully avoided.

Actually, it aggravates me. I wrote both my local state house representative and local state senator and have not had a peep from either one on this issue. Not even an acknowledgment that I wrote them.

I think its time to topple the government and institute rules that make it illegal for corporations to donate money to politicians campaigns and also to make it illegal for corporations (alone) to lobby politicians. One small piece of the puzzle is the fact that corporations are now given the legal status of an individual. This is all BS.

Government only works for itself and for those who give the politicians the big money. I try to make a difference by voting, by reading legislative news, by occasionally writing representatives, etc. Nothing makes a difference or matters to them anymore.

They all need to be kicked out and replaced with people that care and then limited by law to not being able to receive any kind of private campaign donations (only receive a public fund for the campaign and anything else should be illegal and punishable by a jail sentence).