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reply to pnh102

Re: rly?

said by pnh102:

Well heck, why don't we take your argument to its logical extreme and have the government run everything?

Let's take your argument to its logical extreme and have the government run nothing: like Somalia, but with nicer cars and nukes! Actually, those are both ridiculous straw men and we don't have to carry (distort) everything to "logical" extremes. We're talking about a community, many communities, which are not being served by the status quo, a status quo quite obviously dominated by corruption which you seem to be blindly (or not) content defending. And as other people pointed out, the status quo doesn't even resemble a free market, so why the hell not have it be run by the government, at least then people will have some semblance of democratic oversight to make up for the lack of competitive forces.

Besides, if you want to take objective reality to "logical extremes," everything already is run by the government: the government sets the legal framework and definitions under which everything operates and assigns property rights. As a democratic society we are wise to allow many things to be individually owned and operated, but it'd be a horrible choice to let other things, like police, healthcare, and regulation. If it doesn't freaking work as a free market (and many things don't), making it public isn't going to make baby Jesus cry - only the corrupt shills like you who won't get to make money at society's expense are crying.

said by pnh102:

Besides, the Interstate Highway System did (and continues to) serve a legitimate national defense purpose. The highways themselves are currently paid for by their users through the form of gas taxes and other driver-specific fees. This cannot be said about these locally-run networks, which always have to siphon fees from another service that more people use, or are taxpayer-subsidized.

An informed and connected citizenry doesn't serve a legitimate national defense purpose? Or are you just referring to the legitimate national defense of the governing and wealth-holding class from the rest of the nation?