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Re: rly?

said by WhatNow:

The reason the Phone and Power worked is the government required you to serve everybody in return for a monopoly. When that was removed from the phone system service got worse because other companies came in and took the best business customers and communities and left the low return areas to the old phone company.

Better for some, worse for others. It's like the argument to deregulate first-class mail. If a private company doesn't have to provide service to a small rural community (or high-risk urban ghetto), that's a savings they can pass on to the cherry-picked service areas.

That's why treating this topic like it's a "free-market" is absurd. There are many things that we do which impact some negatively for the good of all. Healthcare is a good example. We criminalize lessor healthcare solutions, impacting lower-income people (even endangering their lives) for the sake of uniformity and more predictability. Seriously, how would a doctor with only 7 years and 8 months of education endanger someone compared to that person going without treatment because they can't afford it?

Consider zoning laws. Your neighbor can't enjoy her own private property any way she wishes because the mere *possibility* that she might convert her home into a late-night biker bar would require you to purchase enough property to provide for your own enjoyment of your own property without limiting your neighbor's enjoyment of hers.

We're not just individuals. We're a group with shared interests. The internet has reached a level of ubiquity that creates shared interests. It's so ubiquitous that, to save money, "we" stopped mailing IRS forms to everyone. "We" require people to file unemployment online. "We" require people to apply for jobs online.

We've reached the point that you can't function without the internet unless you're willing to spend time traveling to the library, waiting in line, and perhaps subjecting your confidential information to a keyboard logger.

If it were 10 years ago, I could understand concerns with cities owning internet infrastructure. I believe in another 10 years it's going to look retarded that they don't.