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Bolivar, MO

Changing Cradlepoint MBR-1000 Password

I used a password generator, and I was going to use that password for my wifi password, but I accidentally put it in the router's administrative login password. And I type it in, and every single time it says password invalid. Is there anyway to reset the password without resetting the router, and deleting all of my personal settings? Thanks.



I looked thru the MBR1000 User Manual. If you don't know the Administrative Password it appears the only way to reset it is to do a hardware reboot which will restore everything to factory defaults. The password will be reset to the last six characters of your MAC Address.

You may want to contact Cradlepoint support to see if they know of a better way. They have online chat support.

Physical Reset Using the Reset Button

1. Turn the Power On / Plug In Your Router.

2. Find the small RESET hole (PHS300 is in the battery compartment)

3. Insert one end of a paperclip or other small, narrow tool into the RESET hole

4. Press and hold the reset button, releasing when the LEDs flash (Approximately 10 - 15 seconds).

5. The router will now reboot. It will now be available at the default settings and the original Network Name/SSID.


Kansas City
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After you get the router set up again backup the settings. Use your current admin password as the file name, that way you know what the password was at the time of backup.

Backing Up Router Settings to a GWS file

1. Login to an already-configured routers Administration pages (», using the Administrative password (by default, this is the last 6 digits of MAC address).

2. Click the Tools tab.

3. In the left menu bar, click System.

4. In the Systems Settings, click the Save Configuration button.

5. The system will prompt to Save the GWS file in a folder location and file name a user specifies. Remember the name and location of this file for future use.