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Sprint vs Clear desktop modem in Lodi, CA

I am in Lodi, CA and have Clear 4G, but speeds here have been extremely slow since December. They claim they will be "fixing the problem with the tower" by mid-April (originally to be fixed in January).
Has anyone tried the Sprint Desktop modem in this area with any better luck? I assume they use the same tower and equipment.
Any "throttling" going on with Sprint?


New York, NY

While we have no firm statistical evidence, the anecdotal evidence indicates so far that Sprint does not throttle.

As for how the desktop modem compares with the other 4G toys, I couldn't tell you.

With regard to your persistent slowness, when I've been stuck in situations like that (not with 4G where so far I've been quite lucky) I don't even both with Tech Support. I go straight to billing and ask for a full credit for the month. Then, when the problem persists a second month and you ask for the full credit again, they usually sit up, take notice, and move a few inches more toward fixing it.

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reply to BBfromCA

I have Clear home and mobile. Home tends to be a tad faster for some reson. And a buddy of mine on the other side of town has the Sprint 4G on his Evo. Gets close to the same speeds as my mobile on the Laptop.

He has had his Evo since July 2010 and I've had Clear back to March 2010 and we have not noticed any throttling.

My speeds have improved over the past 5 months too for some reason.

This is what I just got. I've been online with the Home modem allot lately and still going strong.

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Onion, NJ

what model "sprint desktop modem" do you have? Just curious as I'm in the market to replaces my 3g wrt54g3gs
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