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Saint George, UT
reply to espaeth

Re: Completely unrelated to anything end-users will see

said by espaeth:

This article may as well be about UPS buying bigger planes for its cargo operations. The average customer doesn't care if UPS has to fly 1 or 2 planes from Memphis to Minneapolis to meet the delivery demand for the day, however, flying fewer, bigger, planes makes the logistics operation significantly easier for UPS to manage.

This is all about efficiency at the carrier level, and has no visible impact on end-user services.

(It's huge for the carriers in how they manage their operations, however, hence the press release)

This is not entirely true, Backbone upgrades affects everything on The Network. Yes, these large Carriers have Network Control Centers and they could re-route traffic when problems come up, and with these upgrades it gives them more flexibility. Now Verizon with their FTTH can offer their customers the Speed and Bandwidth they need and are willing to pay. AT&T made a mistake going with Copper, but at the time even you guys here thought it was okay. Technology does not wait for anyone!