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web hog


web hog

3000 kilobits per second /(divided by) 8 bits = 375 kilobytes per second X(times) 60 seconds = 22500 kilobytes per minute (times) 60 minutes = 1350000 kilobytes per hour /(divided by) 1024 kilobytes =1318.3 megabytes per hour /(divided by) 1024 megabytes = 1.28 gigabytes per hour X(times) 24 hours =30.89 gigabytes per day X(times) 5 days = 154.45 gigabytes. My point is if I'm paying for 3 megabits it doesn't seem fair that I only get to us it for 5 days out of the month. How about you credit me the other 25 days if I don't go over. $40 per month /(divided by) 30 days = $1.33 X(times) 25 days without service = $33.33 credit due each month. If not received my attorneys will be in contact. thank you.