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This is a sub-selection from Very unusual.


Binghamton, NY

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reply to batterup

Re: Very unusual.

said by batterup:

You approached your problem comely and with intelligence.

I've been down this road more times than I can count with Verizon. One time we had an ISDN connection go out at work and it took three days of troubleshooting on both our ends to determine where the trouble was. That was a lot of fun. Learned more than I ever wanted to know about ISDN. The Verizon field techs and engineers are great. It's been my experience that once you get one of them assigned to your case the problem will be resolved in short order. The hard part is convincing the people on the phone that the issues aren't on your end, then dealing with the bureaucracy of Verizon to get a repair ticket queued.

Overall Verizon has always impressed me with the quality of their products and services. Both on the wireless and wireline side. I may not agree with all of their business practices (particularly on the wireless side...) but I've always been impressed by the service itself.

said by batterup:

now you have the fastest two wire residential DSL I have ever seen.

It helps that I picked my new apartment based on proximity to the central office. I won't say that was the only selling point but it was a major one to be sure. I'm half a mile away by walking distance and under 5,000 feet on the MLT according to the tech who installed the new drop and NID.

I had only hoped for the 7.1 tier as that's the highest they offered back in the day when I previously had DSL service. Finding out they now do ADSL2+ and I could get 10-15mbit/s service was just icing on the cake.
This is a sub-selection from Very unusual.